Purwodadi is capital city of Grobogan Regency as well as name of district in Grobogan Regency. Topographically, this city is shaped as a valley between two limestone mountains, Mount Kendeng and Mount Kapur Selatan.

Purwodadi City is well known with its unique culinary tourism, which is frog swike (swike kodok). Perhaps you'll be surprised to hear the name of this food, but if you don't like frogs, you can order other swike such as chicken swike (swike ayam). Not only from its culinary, Purwodadi also famous for its beautiful destination, and indeed it is mandatory to visit. One of destination you can visit is Widuri Waterfall, in here you'll be able to play in the water while enjoying the beautiful mountain atmosphere.

Since 2017 Biznet has been presented in Purwodadi City, and provides free internet service through Biznet Hotspot in several locations, one of them is in Rahayu Orphanage (Yakkum). With the availability of free internet service, people of Purwodadi City can easily access internet by using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet. Biznet also provides free internet service in some schools in Purwodadi City in the hope of helping them on teaching and learning activities. One of the school is STIKES An Nur Purwodadi.

Biznet Branch Purwodadi

Jl. MT. Haryono No.64a, Jajar,
Purwodadi, Kec. Purwodadi,
Kabupaten Grobogan, Jawa Tengah 58111