Pemalang is one of cities located in Central Java Province. Various nicknames carried by this city, strating from the city of sincere, green city, to the city of grombyang. People of Pemalang City regularly use Tegal dialect. This city is also one of cities located in the northern coast line, so many people who have to pass Pemalang when returning to their origin home (re: mudik).

Pemalang City has dozens of food stalls serving Pemalang specialty foods such as Gomyang Rice (Nasi Gomyang), Loso Satay (Sate Loso), Dekem Rice Cake (Lontong Dekem). Pemalang also has various attractive tourist destinations, one of the most famous is Widuri Beach which divided into 3 areas i.e. Widuri Beach, Waterpark Beach and Sirkuit Beach. If we want to get closer to nature, there is also extensive Teak Forest in Surajaya Village. Pemalang City also has spacious Town Square (Alun-alun), beautiful Taman Patih Park (Taman Patih Sampun) and unique Teletubbies Hill in Pegongsoran.

Biznet has been presented in Pemalang City since 2015, and gives free internet service through Biznet Hotspot in some locations, one of them is in Pemalang Town Square (Alun-Alun Kota Pemalang). Pemalang Town Square (Alun-alun Kota Pemalang) is famous destination among locals and tourists. With the availability of this free internet service, people who visit Town Square can easily access the internet using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet.

Biznet Branch Pemalang

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Tim. No.26, Mlaki,
Wanarejan Utara, Kec. Taman,
Kabupaten Pemalang, Jawa Tengah 52361