Pasuruan, one of the cities in East Java which is located in the main transportation and trade route of Surabaya - Bali, which makes the city with an area of about 36 km2 is quite strategic and has contibuted in the growth of the industrial and trade sectors. Similar with other regions in Indonesia, the population in Pasuruan itself is very diverse, which there are Madurese, Chinese, Arabs, Osing, and also Tengger tribes.

Pasuruan is 60 KM from Surabaya, which makes Pasuruan as a most-visited city in East Java after Malang, mostly by the visitors who want to spend their weekends without driving too far away. Pasuruan is famous with the industrial and tourism area. One of the most famous mountains in East Java, namely Mount Bromo, is located on the border of Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Malang districs. Moreover, there are also a tourism destination in Pasuruan named Prigen Safari Park, which has a collection of animals from different parts of the world as well as local animals, such as Komodo, Bison, Honey Black Bear, Anoa, and others.

Now, Pasuruan has listed as one of Smart Cities in Indonesia, where the government has succeeded in utilizing the information and communication technology advances by presenting e-government applications, which are useful for improving the quality of public services become easier and faster and for better city management. To support Pasuruan in becoming Smart City, Biznet has been available in Pasuruan since 2016. Biznet provides Internet services that can help the public in meeting their digital needs, by also providing free Internet services in several locations in Pasuruan such as Pasuruan Regency Government office and several schools including Pasuruan 1 Public High School and Pasuruan 2 Public High School.

Biznet Cabang Pasuruan

Jalan Panglima Sudirman, Komplek Ruko Grand Parimas No. 1 A ,
Purworejo, Purworejo, Kec. Purworejo,
Kota Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67115