Who doesn't know the city of Padang? The city of Padang is the largest city on the west coast of Sumatra Island as well as the capital of the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The location of the city of Padang is Indonesia's western gate from the Indian Ocean with geographic conditions bordering the sea and surrounded by hills.

The city of Padang has food that is very unique and has been worldwide. Who has ever tried Padang's special food? Surely everyone has ever tasted it. Yes, because every region in Indonesia certainly has a Padang Restaurant which consists of several types of food, such as Rendang, Pop Chicken, Dendeng Balado, Sate Padang, Soto Padang, and many more. In addition, the city of Padang is also famous for having extraordinary natural resources and can make it a special tour that can be visited by tourists. Malin Kundang stone sweet water beach is a famous place in the city of Padang with its legendary story. Other tourist attractions in the city of Padang are Anai Valley, Siti Nurbaya Bridge, three-level waterfall, Cubadak Island, and many more famous tourist attractions.

The city of Padang is also currently technology savvy and Biznet has been present in the city of Padang since 2014. Biznet provides Internet services for the needs of the community in order to be able to make solutions and help to develop technology in the city of Padang. In addition, Biznet also supports learning activities for students in Padang City by providing Biznethotspot Free services at schools, namely SMAN 2 Padang. With the presence of Biznet in the City of Padang, it is expected to be able to provide the best Internet services to the people here. So that Biznet can support the application of sophisticated technology in the city of Padang.

Biznet Branch Padang

Jl. Ujung Gurun No.41,
Ujung Gurun, Kec. Padang Bar.,
Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat 25114