Lumajang is one of the districts located in East Java. The name of Lumajang came from the word of Lamajang, which is a country back in 1255. And December 15, 1255 was designated as the anniversary of Lumajang District. Lumajang is surrounded by 3 mountains, which are Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo and Mount Lamongan. This district which is dominated by Javanese and Madurese has a lot of tourism potential.

It has a million hidden charms and amazing natural panaromas, where there are still many people who do not know yet the beauty of Lumajang. One of the places that can be visited when we are coming to Lumajang is the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or known as Tebing Nirwana, which is a tourist attraction with an extraordinary waterfall exotica. Moreover, there is also Mount Semeru, the highest volcano in East Java; B29 Peak, a highland with natural scenery; and Ranu Kumbolo, a beautiful lake located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park conservation area.

In Lumajang District itself, Biznet has been available since 2015 and provides free Internet services through Biznet Hotspot in several locations, one of which is Lumajang Square City. Lumajang Square City is one of the spots with lots of visitors, including the locals as well as tourists. By having a free Internet connection at Lumajang City Square, everyone can easily access a reliable Internet connection using a free Wi-Fi from Biznet. Moreover, Biznet also provides free Internet access at several schools in Lumajang and hopes that it can help them in their learning activities. Biznet Hotspot is available at 1 Junior High School Lumajang, 1 Senior High School Lumajang and STIE Widya Gama.

Biznet Cabang Lumajang

Jl. Imam Suja'i No.12,
Ditotrunan, Kec. Lumajang,
Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa Timur 67313