Karawang is one of the cities in West Java that borders directly with Bekasi, Bogor, and not too far from Jakarta. Karawang is also known as a big Industrial city in Indonesia. Starting its city development as a district, Karawang was once known as a district called the "Rice Barn", where the majority of its area is filled with green rice fields. Therefore, the Karawang population is also dominated by the farmers.

Besides being known for its rapid industrial activities, Karawang is also known for its various tourist destinations including Buddhist Sasana Monastery tours in Rengas Dengklok, Tanjung Pakis Beach, and appetizing culinary. For those of you who visit Karawang, don't forget to taste the very typical Pucung Bumbu Gabus Fish. Moreover, there is a tasty and delicious gonjing cake which can be enjoyed in this city.

Biznet, has been available in Karawang with faster and reliable Internet services for all the people. Biznet also presents Biznet Wifi services, Internet services that can be accessed for free by anyone in several locations in Karawang including the Pasar Bersih and also schools such as SMAN 1 Karawang, SMAN 5 Karawang and SMKN 2 Karawang.

Biznet Branch Karawang

RUKO GRAND PLAZA, Jl. Galuh Mas Raya No.35,
Sukaharja, Kec. Telukjambe Tim.,
Kabupaten Karawang, Jawa Barat 41362