Jepara is one small and attractive town on the beautiful and clean North Coast. It was proven by its achievements that has received Adipura award from the government for several times. Although the city is quite small, we cannot underestimate Jepara since it holds a variety of amazing and extraordinary characters.

The first extraordinary thing about Jepara first is the woodcarving, since Jepara is also known as the city of carving. Jepara is indeed very identical to carving crafts. Jepara carving craft has a certain uniqueness that attracts not only Indonesian, but also international tourists, and able to bring Indonesia handicrafts to be known internationally.

Another interesting thing about Jepara is the beach, such as Karimunjawa, which is the most dominant tourist spot in the whole Jepara area, since because it is located on the north coast of Java. The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors that support tourism of Jepara that leads to the growth of economic in the area.

Seeing the extraordinary potentials of Jepara, technology would be a good supporting facility to support the growth of the city, as well as the people. That is why in April 2020 Biznet officially announced that the company has expanded its network to Jepara. The launch of Biznet network is hoped to support people of Jepara’s demand for a high quality Internet connection in various service packages to answer people’s needs.
Biznet Cabang Jepara

Ruko Simpang Ruwet

Jl. Kol. Sugiono No.3, Kauman, Jepara, Jepara Regency, Central Java 59417