As a small city and part of Kabupaten Karawang, Cikampek is known as the central for industry trading activities. Most of the people in Cikampek are working as traders, government employees, private employees, and factory labors. Cikampek is also known as an alternative route to reach many cities in Java.

Cikampek City also has tourist attractions that can be the destination of local people to just fill their spare time or weekend vacations. Situ Kamojing is an artificial lake that is one of the favorite tourist attractions. Located in Kamojing Village West Java, the lake which has an area of 62 hectares with a depth of about 10 to 14 meters presents a panoramic sunset setting which is one of the attractions that captivate the visitors. In addition, there is also a square that can be an alternative place to visit if you are in Cikampek. Every year, in the square, Cikampek Fair and the Ramadhan Fair are held every year.

In the city of Cikampek has implemented a system of appropriate technology (TTG) which aims to improve the system of community development business to be more productive and efficient. To support this, Biznet as an internet service provider company was present in Cikampek in 2014. Currently, Biznet has also provided free Wi-Fi services to schools in Cikampek such as Trimitra Vocational School, IT Vocational School, and Al-Ahliya Vocational School.

Biznet Branch Cikampek

Mall Cikampek Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.28 Blok B Kav.3,
Dawuan Tim., Kec. Cikampek,
Kabupaten Karawang, Jawa Barat 41373