The city of Bogor is increasingly developing into one of the cities the choice of tourist destinations that can be done starting from natural tourism and culinary tourism. With its geographical location in the highlands and cool air, Bogor is increasingly becoming a prima donna for many tourists who want to take a break from their routine while enjoying the cool air, beautiful scenery, and various appetizing choices that are tempting.

The city of Bogor has a day so on June 3 it has a famous tourist icon, Kebun Raya Bogor. The area of the Kebun Raya Bogor reaches 87 hectares and has 15,000 types of tree and plant collections. Currently the Kebun Raya Bogor is one of the attractions that presents the beauty of nature and also the historical side of the city of Bogor which is already crowded with tourists, especially on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to the tour, it is incomplete if you don't taste delicious Bogor food. Bogor culinary is indeed famous for its delicacy and is often hunted for food lovers from various parts of Indonesia. Food that is quite famous from the City of Bogor, namely soup noodles, pickled Bogor, Bogor taro, and many more. Of the many unique culinary places in Bogor, some have stood since decades ago, and still exist today. Although various types, typical Bogor culinary can indeed be received by the tongue of every person from various regions.

To support tourists who want to visit the atmosphere of the city of Bogor, Biznet has now presented a variety of Internet services for the needs of the city of Bogor from 2012. This service can be enjoyed in public places, schools or universities. Currently the schools that we have supported these services are Bogor 1 High School, Unity Foundation, Kasgoro High School, Bogor 9 High School, and Mardi Yuana. Biznet hopes that the presence of Internet services from Biznet can have a positive impact on the progress of the people of Bogor.

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