The Collaboration Between Art and Technology Supports the Preservation of Art and Culture in Indonesia

Art is a form of human's feelings and expressions with a sense of beauty in it, and being expressed through a realistic mediums in the form of tones, images, movements, and words, which can be felt using human senses. The word Art in terms of etymology came from Sanskrit language, which is Sani that means worship, offerings and service.

The expression of art can be divided into various kinds and forms. In general art can be divided into three segments that include Fine Art, Music Art and Cultural Art. Fine Art is considered as an art in the form of images, paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts. Nowadays, we can see many paintings or images on empty walls in various public spaces. Not just any paintings, those paintings are highly valuable and created by artists who are capable in their fields. These kinds of paintings are called Mural.

Music Art is an art in the form of melody or harmony hat create beautiful sounds. The definition of Music Art is referring to a masterpiece in the form of songs, melody and sounds that came from musical instruments. While Cultural Art is a form of art that can be related to a country or a place that creates something valuable such as cultural dances. Moreover, art that came from culture can also be seen in museums that kept historical items and stories that we need to preserve.

Biznet has the responsibility to support the growth and development of art in Indonesia, which is now getting more attention needed, especially from young generations in Indonesia. The main reason why Biznet is supporting art in Indonesia is because art has many important social functions, including entertainment, education, communication, aesthetics, and health functions.

Biznet believes that today art and technology can be combined into one unity that gives positive influences for many people. Through technology, especially Internet, everyone can now share information about their artwork to the world, allowing every artist to show their masterpieces to others.