• Coverage : 115 cities, 1,759 subdistricts, 2,200 buildings, 469,428 homepass

We Are A Solid And Innovative Team

Biznet is the leading telecommunication and multimedia company in Indonesia, has several opportunities to join and lead the company for the future. We are looking for creative and motivated people to share and develop their passion in technology that will enhance Indonesian people's life in the future.

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Build Your Own Talents

Come and join us in Biznet, where you can develop your talent and creativity in a very conducive, enjoyable and friendly working environment, for the better future of Indonesia.

Adrianto Sulistyo

Senior Manager Marketing Consumer

After almost 11 years being part of Biznet, internal coordination within departments has been one of the reasons for me to stay loyal.

Linda Lestari

Senior Manager Sales Regional
(Bodetabekser Area)

I have been working in a comfortable and warm working environment, plus all of my colleagues are mostly young and energetic. I am also able to get new and exciting challenges.

Fachry Assegaff

Marketing Event Manager

The best experience is when events that have been planned and conducted by me and my team went successful, and everyone were happy about the events.

Gitanissa Laprina

Brand Manager

Working at Biznet is pleasant for me because we are able to express our opinions freely and have a discussion with our superiors with no boundaries.