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E-newsletter 3 June 2017

Change of Biznet Customer ID Numbers

The rapid growth of technology development, as well as the increasing demand for better Internet connection, continues giving us motivations to never stop creating technology innovations that further improve our service quality, so that all of our customers can continue enjoying our high-quality Internet service. One of the strategies that we have done, was upgrading our internal systems and billing system. In line with the upgrade, we also required to makes changes to all our customers’ ID number, so would like to kindly inform that all of our customers are now having new Customer ID numbers.

On May 2017, we have disseminated new Customer ID numbers to all of our customers by email based on the list of emails listed in our customer database. Therefore, we would kindly ask for your kind cooperation to start making payment using the new Customer ID or new Virtual Account number as stated in the email that we’ve sent earlier. Please kindly be informed that all payments using previous Customer ID can no longer be processed by our system. For further information about the changing of Customer ID number, or should you experience problems when making payment, please call Biznet Home Care on 1500933 (for Biznet Home service) or Biznet Customer Care on 1500988 (for other Biznet services). Detailed information about the change of Biznet Customer ID number is also available on Biznet website http://www.biznetnetworks.com/en/news-media/announcement/.

Ramadan Special Promo from Ayana Midplaza Jakarta

Ramadan With A Basket of Sweets

From sweet to savory delights, as well as classic Ramadan Snacks, our customized take away hampers to the one who receive it. Send a basket to your family, colleague or lover one to celebrate the holy month, starting from Rp 470.000.

Nusantara Ramadan

Indulge special local dishes during Ramadan and get ready for this year’s most colorful feast as we feature your favorite Indonesian dishes during the holy month, with price starting from:

Rp 388.000 nett per person
27 May – 3 June 2017 and 18 June – 25 June 2017

Rp 450.000 nett per person
4 June – 17 June 2017

For further information please call +62-21-251-0888 or visit www.ayanajakarta.com.

Biznet Events - June 2017

No Event Venue Date
1 Pentas Seni: Dendang Negeriku Santa Theresia School, Menteng 9-10 June 2017
2 Ramadhan Jazz Festival Cut Meutia Mosque, Menteng 9-10 Juni 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Batam - Ruko Tanah Mas
  • Jakarta Barat - Mall Ciputra
  • Jakarta Selatan - Satrio Tower
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Platinum
  • Tangerang - Apartemen Aeropolis Tower A
  • Tangerang - Apartemen Aeropolis Tower B
  • Tangerang - Apartemen Aeropolis Tower C
  • Tangerang - Kawasan Pergudangan Duta Niaga

For more information about Biznet Coverage Area, please visit Biznet Coverage Area.

Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Bandung - Perumahan Dago Capitol
  • Cirebon - Perumahan Kesambi Residence
  • Cirebon - Perumahan Yonarhanudse
  • Jakarta Selatan - Kelurahan Kalibata
  • Jember - Kelurahan Kepatihan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Wergu Wetan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Ploso
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Kaliputu
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Pabuaran
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Kranji
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Sokanegara
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Bantarsoka
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Situ Endah
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Salagedang
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Sindang Palay
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Genting Puri Baros
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Baros Kencana
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Griya Gaharu Mas
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Bumi Pasir Rahayu
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Cipoho Indah
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Prana Estat
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Bumi Purnawira Asri
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Villa Pesona Pangrango
  • Tangerang - Kelurahan Jurumudi Baru
  • Tegal - Perumahan Griya Taman Ruslani

For more information about Biznet Home Coverage Area please visit Biznet Home Coverage Area.


Tips on How to Maintain a Smartphone with Permanent Battery

Using a laptop is much more convenient that using a desktop computer since we can use laptops anytime at any place. Also, we can use it for several hours without having to depend on electricity power with its own embedded battery. A battery is a very important aspect for us to use a laptop, but if we use it for a long period of time, the performance will automatically decrease. Here are some tips that might be useful for you to maintain the performance of your laptop battery and make it more durable:


Limit Smartphone Usage
Don’t overuse your smartphone to play games, because games will directly affect your smartphone battery power. Moreover, many users play games while charging their smartphone. Also, don’t charge your smartphone battery too often. Try to charge your smartphone once a day only.


Limit Wi-Fi and GPS Usage
If your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, try to turn off Wi-Fi feature or cellular data on your smartphone. Letting Wi-Fi feature or cellular data active all the time will make your smartphone works non-stop and further affect battery durability. It also applies to GPS usage, which will make your smartphone’s battery runs out quickly, especially if you let your GPS feature active continuously without being used. It’s good to turn on the GPS only when you need it.


Use Third Party Application
You can use third party application to make your battery lasts longer. One of the apps is Battery Calibration, which is considered as a very helpful app in saving battery power. This application will function optimally if your smartphone already in the root state.


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