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E-newsletter 4 September 2017

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak 1438 H

Soon, all Muslims in the world will celebrate Eid Al-Adha Mubarak, which will be celebrated on 1 September 2017. In this special occasion, please allow Biznet management and staff to express Happy Eid Al-Adha 1438 H, we hope the sincere spirit of sharing will always bring positive blessings and peace for all of us.

The growth of social media in Indonesia increases very quickly, and Indonesia has also become one of the countries with the highest number of social media users in the world. Indonesians use social media not only to express and show themselves to the world, but also to build and establish new business and communities. Biznet highly support the growth of social media in Indonesia. Therefore, as one of the leading Internet service providers in Indonesia, Biznet shows our commitment by being the Official Internet Provider for Social Media Week event, which will be conducted on 11-15 September 2017 at The Hall Senayan City, Jakarta. At this event, all visitors are able to experience fast and reliable Internet connection from Biznet, for free.

Biznet Pasuruan Bromo Marathon 2017

Moreover, Biznet will also be supporting one of the biggest marathon events in Indonesia, by becoming the Title Sponsor for Biznet Pasuruan Bromo Marathon 2017 event. This big event will be held on Sunday, 1 October 2017 at Tengger Village, East Java. As the Title Sponsor, Biznet will offer amazing opportunity for 5 loyal customers to take part in this event by running a special quiz. There are three competition categories in this event, which include 10 K (10 Kilometers), Half Marathon (21 Kilometers), and Full Marathon (21 Kilometers). For further information about this event, please visit www.biznetrunning.com/events/bromo-marathon-2017/.

Security is The Key for Cloud Computing

The growth of business environment in Indonesia requires over-the-edge technology with high-quality business services. Therefore, we can ensure that services provided by those companies with such technology are supported by reliable IT infrastructure design. We need also ensure that transactions are secure and convenient. In order to support companies to give secure and convenient services for customers, Biznet GIO Cloud offers a solution as a reliable instant server infrastructure provider.

One of Biznet GIO Cloud’s commitments is to provide a guarantee on customer’s private and confidential, as well as sensitive, data. Our PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) certification has become the main key for Biznet GIO Cloud to provide trusted infrastructure for companies and also financial institutions.

Ensure your business infrastructure meets the right quality and guarantee standard. For more information about our service please visit www.biznetgiocloud.com or email to info@biznetgio.com.

Biznet Events - September 2017

No Event Venue Tanggal
1 Kompas Travel Fair Main Lobby Hall JCC 1-3 September 2017
2 Social Media Week Senayan City 11-15 September 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Bandung - Ruko Prima Rasa
  • Batam - Golden Gate & Dian Center
  • Batam - Ruko Tanah Mas RW XII
  • Batam - Ruko Tanah Mas RW XIII
  • Batang - Ruko Yos Sudarso
  • Batang - Ruko Exsis Sampurna Batang
  • Jakarta Barat - HFC ONB 4 Hankam
  • Jakarta Barat - Lindeteves Trade Center
  • Jakarta Pusat - Gedung Dapenra
  • Jakarta Selatan - GKM Green Tower
  • Jakarta Utara - Apartement Royal Tower
  • Jakarta Utara - Mall of Indonesia
  • Pekalongan - Ruko Duta Bahagia Pekalongan
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Nusantara
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Depan Moro
  • Sidoarjo - Pergudangan Sinar Gedangan
  • Tangerang - Pergudangan Bandara Mas
  • Tegal - Ruko Nirmala Estate

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Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Batam -Perumahan Baloi Garden 1
  • Jakarta Barat - Kelurahan Tomang
  • Jakarta Timur - Kelurahan Cipinang Cimpedak
  • Jakarta Timur - Kelurahan Jati
  • Jember - Kelurahan Kepatihan
  • Kediri - Perum Bukit Permai Mojoroto
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Demangan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Janggalan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Kramat
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Mlati Lor
  • Kudus - Perumahan Singocandi
  • Mojokerto - Kelurahan Magersari
  • Purwokerto - Perumahan Berkoh Indah
  • Purwokerto - Perum Koperasi Pegawai Negeri Gotong
  • Solo - Perum Griya Parahyangan
  • Sukoharjo - Perum Cendana Residence
  • Sukoharjo - Perum Madegondo Indah
  • Tangerang - Perumahan Bandara Mas
  • Tangerang - Kelurahan Jurumudi
  • Tegal - Perumahan Graha Nakula
  • Tegal - Perumahan Ndalem Parikesit
  • Tegal - Perumahan Puri Sebayu
  • Tegal - Perumahan Sumbodro Asri
  • Tegal - Perumahan Tegal Permai

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TIPS: Tricks to Solve Slow Wi-Fi Connection

For many people, slow Internet connection might become a very annoying thing to deal with everyday. Especially if you desperately need to do things that need stable Internet connection. Well, here are some tricks to solve that particular problem:


Don't place your router on the floor.
Unfortunately, placing a router on the floor is a wrong thing to do. Router is designed to send signals downward, so it's better to put your router on a high place, such as on the top of a cabinet or a rack.


Put your router in an open room
Placing your router in the best position will also help you to have a more stable Internet connection. Instead of putting the router in the closed room, try to put the router in the open area without any walls or doors. The easiest way is by positioning the router on the place that visible from various angles.


Put away your router from other electronic devices
As we already knew, every electronic device have electromagnetic signals, such as electromagnetic signals from microwave, handphone, and TV. Actually, These signals can block Wi-Fi signals in the room. So, to get stronger signals, it's better to put your router away from other electronic devices.


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