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E-newsletter 3 May 2017

Biznet Wishes You A Peaceful Ramadhan 1438 H

Last month, on the 22 April 2017, Biznet successfully conducted Biznet Festival Batam 2017 at Lapangan Engku Putri Batam Center, Batam – Riau Islands. The festival was conducted in the heart of Batam with amazing performances from two of the biggest bands in Indonesia, Nidji and Armada. Biznet received a very warm welcome from the people of Batam, which was proven by the total number of visitors that reached more than 20.000 visitors all packed and had fun at Lapangan Engku Putri. Biznet Festival Batam 2017 was the 6th Biznet Festival event conducted by Biznet after successfully conducted in Kediri, Bali, Tegal, Sukabumi, and Purwokerto. After Batam, Biznet Festival will come to other cities in Indonesia. So, wait for us in your city!

This May, Biznet will support several events providing super fast Internet connection, including Indonesia Outdoor Festival 2017 (Indofest 2017) and International Franchise License & Business Concept Expo & Conference (IFRA 2017). Indofest 2017 is an annual event that presents outdoor activities exhibition, such as outdoor equipment and travelling equipment showcases. While IFRA 2017 is an event that has been conducted by The Indonesian Franchise Association (AFI) for the 15th times this year by collaborating with several parties and associations, including Biznet, to work with the Indonesian Government to continue growing Indonesian local franchise industry. Located at Hall A, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), IFRA 2017 will provide an amazing opportunity for every franchise business players to build and expand their networks with thousands of buyers and visitors. Make sure you participate in IFRA 2017, which will be held on 19-21 May 2017 and don’t forget to experience super fast Internet connection from Biznet.

Ramadhan is the month that every Moslems worldwide have been waiting for. Very soon, every Moslem in the world will start fasting in the month of Ramadhan, including every Moslems in Indonesia. Ramadhan is not only the one month for Moslems to do fasting and improving their faith to Allah SWT, but also the perfect moment to continue becoming a better person. In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, please allow all of us at Biznet to wish all of our loyal customers a happy and peaceful fasting month. May our prayers in this holy month will be granted by our continuous faith to Allah SWT. Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

Biznet Home Prize Vaganza Promo

During the period of January-December 2017, Biznet Home presents “PRIZE VAGANZA” promo. Buy 5 Get 6 or Buy 10 get 12 promo for our loyal customers. Customers who join this promo will have opportunity to win 1 Yamaha NMAX and 5 LED TV 43” which will be drawn every 3 months, this promo is divided into 4 periods in 2017. Customers will also have a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE of 1 Toyota Grand New Avanza, which will be drawn by the end of the promo period.

Biznet Events - May 2017

No Event Venue Date
1 IESE ICE BSD, Tangerang 8-11 May 2017
2 Indofest 2017 Hall Cendrawasih, JCC 11-14 May 2017
3 IFRA 2017 Hall Asembly, JCC 19-21 May 2017
4 KAI Travel Fair Hall B, JCC 19-21 May 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Bandung - Kawasan Pergudangan 88
  • Bandung - Ruko Project Bandung Juara
  • Batang - Ruko Baru Yos Sudarso
  • Batam - Ruko Tanah Mas
  • Batam - Ruko Batama
  • Batam - Ruko Nagoya Plaza Dan Wijaya Kusuma
  • Jakarta Pusat - Kondominium Rajawali Edelweiss
  • Jakarta Selatan - Menara Pertiwi
  • Jakarta Selatan - Menara Prima
  • Jakarta Selatan - Rukan Permata Senayan
  • Jakarta Utara - Ruko Sunter Icon
  • Kudus - Ruko Sudirman Square
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Atrium Square
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Platinum
  • Pekalongan - Ruko Merdeka
  • Palembang - Ruko Palembang School
  • Surabaya - Apartemen Linden
  • Surabaya - Ruko Central Harmoni Mas
  • Tangerang - Kawasan Pergudangan Tunas Bitung

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Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Cirebon - Perumahan Abiasa
  • Jakarta Barat - Kelurahan Tomang
  • Jakarta Pusat - Kelurahan Pegangsaan
  • Jakarta Pusat - Kelurahan Mangga Dua Selatan
  • Jakarta Pusat - Kelurahan Mangga Dua Selatan
  • Jakarta Utara - Perumahan Puri Mutiara
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Demaan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Glantengan
  • Kudus - Perumahan Kavling Pragolopati
  • Kudus - Perumahan Djarum Getas Pejaten
  • Kediri - Perum BTN Rejomulyo
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Purwokerto Lor
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Pasir Kidul
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Purwokerto Kulon
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Purwanegara
  • Purwokerto - Property Perumahan Bancarkembar Estate
  • Purwokerto - Perumahan Bancarkembar Permai
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Cibeureum Permai I
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Genting Puri Cibeureum
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Asri Village
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Assyifa
  • Sukabumi - Perumahan Cemerlang Permai
  • Tegal - Perumahan Citraland
  • Yogyakarta - Perumahan Timoho Asri 2

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Tips on How to Increase the Durability of Your Laptop Battery

Using a laptop is much more convenient that using a desktop computer since we can use laptops anytime at any place. Also, we can use it for several hours without having to depend on electricity power with its own embedded battery. A battery is a very important aspect for us to use a laptop, but if we use it for a long period of time, the performance will automatically decrease. Here are some tips that might be useful for you to maintain the performance of your laptop battery and make it more durable:


Adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the screen display. It can help to lower down your laptop’s battery consumption.


Turn off applications that are not in use. Running apps consume processor power as well as hard disk space, which can consume more battery power.


Set the default power saving settings that usually have been available in all laptops, such as certain mode to turn off the monitor and hard disk, and standby mode that should be automatically activated when the laptop is not in use.


Use a laptop wisely and save it in place with good air circulation and store the laptop in a safe place.


Use laptop until the battery runs out, and then charge it until the battery is fully charged before you start using the laptop again.


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