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E-newsletter 2 May 2018

Biznet Wishes You A Happy Ramadhan 1439 H


Very soon, all Muslims in Indonesia will be welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan, a month full of blessings and forgiveness for all Muslims all over the world. In welcoming Ramadhan, Biznet wishes you a happy fasting month 1439 H for everyone who celebrates this peaceful month. May our prayers in this year’s Ramadhan will be the moment for us to become a better person in more years to come. Marhaban ya Ramadhan, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.

To give you a brief update from Biznet, we recently conducted Biznet Festival Cirebon 2018 in April 2018, which was the 9th Biznet Festival after the event was held for the first time back in 2016. Biznet invited two well-known musicians in Indonesia; Kunto Aji dan Shaggydog, to perform at the event and successfully entertained visitors who already packed Yon Arhanudse 14 since noon that day. Moreover, Biznet Festival Cirebon 2018 also arranged several competitions, such as Skateboard Competition with one of the best Skateboard athletes in Indonesia, Gregorius Aldwin, who did not only showed up as one of the judges, but also performed his Skateboarding skills. Biznet also held MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Competition with one of best E-sport team in the country, RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon) Mobile Legend Team. The success of this event was proved by total number of registered visitors that reached more than 11,000 visitors. For further information about the next city that will be visited by Biznet Festival, visit www.biznetfestival.com

Moreover, you can also find the latest updates about Biznet products and services, attractive promo, quizzes with exciting prizes, as well as lifestyle and technology updates by following Biznet social media on Instagram @Biznethome or Facebook @BiznetHome.

Lets Keep Indonesia Beaches Clean!

It is mandatory for us to maintain our environment, and Biznet is taking part to preserve our environment for the better future of Indonesia. This time, Biznet is inviting you to take part in preserving beaches in Bali. Why we choose beaches in Bali? Well, do you know that at the moment many beaches in Bali are filled with trash? Recently Bali is considered as one of the areas with serious issue because many of the beaches are filled with trash and rubbish, and 80% of the contamination were caused by trash that came from the land. These garbage was intentionally thrown away by human.

This condition has been affecting the growth of tourism industry in Bali, whereas Bali is one of the jewels of tourist destinations worldwide. Not only affecting the tourism industry, it also affect sea ecosystem.

Therefore, lets start to take part in maintaining the cleanliness of all beaches in Indonesia. You can start by making small effort such as don’t throw away trash in the beach or sea, since by doing so we actually support beaches’ preservation. Because if we don’t play our role in preserving the cleanliness of beaches in Indonesia, then who will? Also, you can become part of Biznet campaign to preserve the cleanliness of beaches in Indonesia. Follow Biznet Instagram #Biznethome for more updates about this campaign!

Sleekr X Biznet Metronet 2018 Promo


Special offer from Sleekr, FREE HR & Accounting Software Special for Biznet Metronet Customers without additional cost! FREE 6 Months if being a customer for 1 year (Limited for first 100 customers)

Sleekr is the 1# HR & Accounting Software in Indonesia, giving you the best solution to maximally manage your company’s human resource and finance management. Employees’ database, leave permission and claim, payroll and tax, invoice, until financial statements can be finished easily and accurately. For more information please contact help@sleekr.co or through https://sleekr.co.

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/sleekrbiznet2018CN

Manage Big Data Using NEO Flex Storage


Based on how data is used and distributed all over the world today, we can conclude that it grows significantly from time to time. Big data idea consists of unstructured and unmanaged data that require a more complex data management, since traditional block storage system is difficult to apply.

In modern data architecture management, object storage is being developed to manage data based on big amount of objects. The object is called Blob (Binary large object) data that include its metadata. The storage cost is charged based on the capacity used by customers. Object storage services can be adjusted easily to customers’ needs; starting from the simplest one up to the most complex implementation, and the developers don’t have to change architecture and add resources to manage the load.

To answer the demand from Indonesian developers to continue innovating, NEO Cloud presents NEO Flex Storage that not only offers block storage but also object storage. These services consist of world-class infrastructure with reliable performance and certified security. Object storage service from NEO Flex Storage is compatible to S3 standard from Amazon Web Service. Visit https://www.biznetgio.com/neocloud/product/neo-flex-storage for detailed information.

Biznet Events - May 2018

No Event Venue Date
1 Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) Nusa Dua Bali 2-4 Mei 2018
2 Indonesia Outdoor Festival Hall B JCC Senayan 3-6 Mei 2018
3 Labsproject Jiexpo Kemayoran 12 Mei
4 Ramadhan Jazz Festival Mesjid Cut Mutia 25-26 Mei 2018

New Coverage Area

City Area
Batam Perumahan Cluster Kutilang (KDA)
Batam Perumahan Taman Golf Residence 2
Jakarta Barat Kelurahan Tomang
Jakarta Selatan Belle Point Kemang
Jakarta Selatan Gedung Aldeoz
Jakarta Selatan GSD TIFA MMR
Jakarta Selatan Graha Mitra Terrace
Jakarta Pusat Mall Metro Pasar Baru
Jakarta Utara Ruko Royal Sunter
Jakarta Utara Ruko Sunter Terrace
Jababeka Perumahan Cikarang Baru RW 09
Jababeka Perumahan Cikarang Baru RW 08
Jember Kelurahan Sumbersari
Jember Ruko Mastrip
Jember Ruko Pandora
Karawang Ruko Karaba
Kediri Kelurahan Bangsal
Kediri Ruko Dhoho Plaza
Malang Hotel Himana
Palembang Ruko Rasyid Nawawi
Purwokerto Kelurahan Arcawinangun
Purwokerto Kelurahan Berkoh
Purwokerto Kelurahan Bobosan
Purwokerto Kelurahan Grendeng
Purwokerto Kelurahan Sokanegara
Purwokerto Perum Graha Mustika
Sleman Perum Puri Permata I
Sleman Perum Puri Permata II
Sukabumi Ruko Shopping Center
Surabaya Avian Building

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TIPS: 4 Ways to save Internet cost when travelling abroad

It is no doubt that travelling abroad is a very fun thing to do. However, it won’t be fun anymore if you can’t use your smartphone to communicate or to connect to the Internet. To avoid such situation, these are 4 simple tips that you can apply when you’re going to use your smartphone abroad:


Download Chat Application and Monitor Data Usage
If you’re willing to keep provident when communicating abroad, then you should install chat applications such as WhatsApp or Line on your smartphone. These kinds of applications don’t consume too much data. Also, it’s better for you to use one of them rather than using both at once.


Reduce Data Transfer and Synchronization
Applications such as Gmail, iCloud and Dropbox often download or synchronize data automatically. So, don’t forget to turn off automatic features for downloads and synchronization apps during your travel abroad.


Block Internet Access to Application
Considering data packet prices are very expensive in some countries, of course you only want to use your desired applications. You can limit or block internet access for applications that you don’t want to use by turning off the features in Settings menu on your smartphone.


Use Only Wi-Fi Connection
If your data packet is running out, be ready to find spots that have free Wi-Fi. You can turn off your mobile data and switch to Wi-Fi hotspots provided by restaurants, library, or local city parks.


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