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E-newsletter 3 August 2017

Celebrating Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day, Biznet Continues Expanding Coverage Area

Soon, everyone in Indonesia will celebrate the nation’s 72nd Independence Day, which will be celebrated on 17 August 2017. This year, the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day will highlight Indonesia Kerja Bersama (Indonesia Working Together), as the main theme, which also has a special meaning for Biznet as one of Indonesia’s local companies to continue working together to build our country by providing the best Internet connection for the people of Indonesia.

In line with Biznet tagline, Connecting Indonesia, Biznet is connecting Indonesia through the best Internet service that has been available in more than 100 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Batam. Biznet Internet service is not only available in big cities but also in medium and small cities that include Kediri, Tegal, Sukabumi, Purwokerto, Mojokerto, and Kudus. Our team continues making progress in expanding our coverage area in more cities to provide the best Internet connection to support various digital activities.

Biznet has recently received an award from The Minister of Communication and Information of The Republic of Indonesia, and was chosen as The Best WaBa KPU/USO in 2016. The award was given at the Malam Penghargaan dan Apresiasi Mitra Kerja KPU / USC Tahun 2017 event that was held on 25 July 2017 at Dhanapala Building at The Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Indonesia. It was a huge achievement for us to be able to receive the award. Therefore, we would like to thank you and all of our customers for the trust and loyalty given to us throughout the years.

Happy 72nd Independence Day for Indonesia, lets work together for the best of our nation!

Biznet Metronet Happy Friday 2016 Promo Winner Announcement

As part of Biznet commitment to continue providing the highest quality Internet service for all customers, Biznet creates special promo programs that will benefit customers, both new and existing, as an appreciation for all Biznet Metronet service customers, and one of the programs that was running in 2016 is Biznet Metronet Happy Friday 2016 with a grand prize of 1 Toyota Avanza.

Followed by hundreds of Biznet Metronet loyal customers, the draw was done in February 2017 and PT Information Development Indonesia was chosen to the winner of Biznet Metronet Happy Friday 2016 Grand Prize and entitled to get a new Toyota Avanza. Congratulations to PT Information Development Indonesia, we hope the prize will give positive contributions to the growth of your business. Stay tune for more attractive promo from Biznet!

Biznet Provides Turbo Wi-Fi Service, for Free!

For most people in big cities, it feels like something is missing in life if there is no Internet. More people are now depending on Internet connection, also on bandwidth capacity, which makes them feel somehow panic when they suddenly ran out of bandwidth. Now, you won’t have to worry anymore because Biznet provides Turbo Wi-Fi 100 Mbps, specifically for Biznet Home and Biznet Metronet customers, for free! Customers can now feel less worry since Wi-Fi service from Biznet will be the solution for faster downloads, video streaming without buffering, and games without lagging.

It is very easy to connect to Biznet Wifi! You just need to input your Customer ID and Password, and voila! you are connected. For more information about Biznet Wifi including the Hotspot locations, visit www.biznetwifi.com.

Biznet GIO Cloud Premium Service

Biznet GIO Cloud announces its latest service that is part of its premium service category, GioPrivate service. GioPrivate is premium cloud services with the ultimate performance to support your business operations. Equipped with optional high IOPS SSD storage, GioPrivate provides guaranteed performance that enables you to grow your business value 24 hours non-stop. For further information visit www.biznetgiocloud.com.

Biznet Events - August 2017

No Event Venue Tanggal
1 Anime Festival Asia JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta 18-20 August 2017
2 Battle of The Toys JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta 26-27 August 2017
3 Donor Darah Biznet Biznet Head Office, MidPlaza 2 Lt.15, Jakarta 31 August 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Bandung - Mall 23 Paskal
  • Batam - Baloi Garden 1
  • Batam - Baloi Garden 2
  • Batam - Lucky Estate
  • Batam - Ruko Seraya Mas
  • Batam - Ruko Trikarsa Equalita
  • Jakarta Pusat - JI EXPO Hall D
  • Jakarta Timur - Apartemen Callia
  • Purwokerto - Ruko Ex Kodim
  • Sidoarjo - Pergudangan Sinar Gedangan
  • Surabaya - Trillium Office
  • Tegal - Ruko Nirmala Square

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Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Batam - Perumahan Citra Batam
  • Cirebon - Perumahan Puri Pilangsari
  • Cirebon - Perumahan Pilang Perdana
  • Jakarta Barat - Perumahan Komplek BPK 1
  • Jakarta Barat - Perumahan Komplek BPK 2
  • Jakarta Barat - Perumahan Komplek DPR 1
  • Jakarta Barat - Perumahan Komplek DPR 2
  • Jakarta Barat - Kelurahan Kelapa Dua
  • Jakarta Selatan - kelurahan Pondok Pinang
  • Jakarta Utara - Kelurahan Jati
  • Jambi - Perumahan Citra Sipin Indah
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Kerjasan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Glantengan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Sunggingan
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Singocandi
  • Mojokerto - Kelurahan Banjaragung
  • Mojokerto - Kelurahan Sooko
  • Mojokerto - Perumahan Miji Baru III
  • Mojokerto - Perumahan Permata Meri
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Grendeng
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Purwanegara
  • Sidoarjo - Kelurahan Bligo
  • Tangerang - Kelurahan Neglasari

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TIPS: How to Clean Your Touchscreen from Fingerprints

Having fingerprints is very annoying for smartphone with touchscreen users. To avoid having them on your screen you need to clean it on a routine basis. But if you clean it wrong, your screen will remain dirty. So, how to clean your screen from fingerprints correctly?


Use Microfiber Cloth
Most people use cotton, tissue or soft cloth to clean their touchscreen. But it’s better if you use microfiber cloth that people usually use to clean their glasses. This type of cloth is suitable to clean touchscreen due to the size of its small and gentle fiber. Moreover, microfiber is also affordable and long lasting.


Clean It in Small Circle
Don’t clean your screen by rubbing the cloth vertically or horizontally. Clean it in small circles because it will be more effective to clean fingerprints without leaving any stains.


Use Cleaning Fluid If Necessary Drop a little bit of cleaner fluid that we can find in stores. Those cleaners can be used to clean dry screen. You can use it by dropping the fluid to a cloth that you will use to clean the screen. Don’t drop the fluid directly to the screen because it will only leave stains, which will be more difficult to clean.


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