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E-newsletter 3 April 2017

Biznet Festival Batam 2017

This April, Biznet will once again hold Biznet Festival, and Batam has the privilege to become the host for the event. After successfully held in Purwokerto last Month, Biznet Festival Batam 2017 will be held on 22 April 2017 at Lapangan Engku Putri, Batam. Similar to other cities, Biznet Festival Batam 2017 will also present fun attractions and activities such as Band Competition, Dance Competition, Booth Festival, Exciting Games, fun activities from Batam Online Communities, free Biznet high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, and also special performances from our main performers; Nidji and Armada! Biznet Festival Batam 2017 is open to public and visitors are only required to register via www.biznetfestival.com, to join the excitement of Biznet Festival Batam 2017 for FREE!

Happy National Consumer Day 2017

As one of the leading telecommunication and multimedia companies in Indonesia, customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects for Biznet in serving customers. Our commitment stays the same; to always make our best efforts to deliver high-quality Internet service for Indonesia. On the 20th of April, we will celebrate National Consumer Day as the moment to further creating innovations that bring the best service for Indonesia, which also stated in our tagline: Connecting Indonesia. For us, customer satisfaction has become our main goal, and it keeps our team motivated to continue improving our service quality for all of our customers.

As a form of our commitment in giving the best service for customers, Biznet has Customer Experience department that operates 24/7 and 365 days per year. Biznet Customer Experience department has qualified team members, with strong background in the field of customer experience with strong knowledge about handling customers’ feedback that includes providing the best solution for customers. Still in this special moment of National Consumer Day celebration, please allow us to gratefully express our gratitude by wishing you a Happy National Consumer Day 2017, to all of our customers who have been supporting us throughout the years. We hope we can always deliver the best service and continue prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction.

The Winner of Biznet Home I Love Monday Promo

Congratulation for Mr. Henry Usman Sadeli for winning 1 unit of Toyota Agya, and congratulation for Mr. Herdiman for winning1 unit of Kawasaki Ninja Z250, from Biznet Home I Love Monday promo program. For more information about other Biznet on-going promo programs, please visit our website at www.biznetnetworks.com.

Biznet Events - April 2017

No Event Venue Date
1 90th Kolese Kanisius untuk Indonesia Kolese Kanisius, Jakarta 29 April 2017
2 Biznet Festival Batam 2017 Lapangan Engku Putri, Batam 22 April 2017
3 Pekan Komunikasi UI Universitas Indonesia, Depok 17 April 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Mall Festival Walk, Karawang
  • Mall Technomart, Karawang
  • Mall Karawang Central Plaza, Karawang
  • Ruko Sakura Anpan, Batam
  • Ruko Newton & Paradese, Batam
  • Ruko Newtons 1, Batam
  • Ruko Central Square, Sidoarjo
  • Ruko Solo Baru Blok C Gedangan, Solo

For more information about Biznet Coverage Area, please visit Biznet Coverage Area.

Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Perumahan Taman Kota Mas - Batam
  • Perumahan Villa Bukit Indah - Batam
  • Kelurahan Burikan - Kudus
  • Kelurahan Nganguk - Kudus
  • Kelurahan Mlati Kidul - Kudus
  • Perumahan Burikan Indah - Kudus
  • Kelurahan Krandon - Kudus
  • Kelurahan Getas Pejaten - Kudus
  • Kelurahan Kedungwuluh - Purwokerto
  • Kelurahan Karanglewas Lor - Purwokerto
  • Perum Pasir Luhur Permai Timur - Purwokerto
  • Perum Pasir Luhur Permai Timur RT 4 - Purwokerto
  • Property Perum Prabu Bima - Purwokerto
  • Kelurahan Sriwedari - Surakarta
  • Komplek Perum RW 07 Kelurahan Langenharjo - Sukoharjo
  • Perumahan Gedong Kaloran - Serang

For more information about Biznet Home Coverage Area please visit Biznet Home Coverage Area.


Tips on How to Improve Wireless Network Performance

Whenever you are online using Wi-Fi or wireless connection, the connection is not always at its best performance. Even worse, you can event lost the connection in certain places or spots. These are some tips on how to improve the speed and performance of the wireless network at your home, office, or other places:


Place the Router, Modem, and Access point at one centralized spot (in the center of a room)
Place the Router, Modem or Wireless Access Point (WAP) at one centralized spot or in the center of your house/building, because if the location of access point is blocked wall or wood, the signal strength of your wireless Internet will decrease.


Don’t put the Access Point on the floor and keep it away from metal objects
Metal objects, wall, and floor will affect your wireless router signal. The closer your wireless router or access point is located to these obstacles, the more disturbance it will get, and your connection will be weaker.


Improve your wireless network security
Security network is also a way to optimize your wireless performance, because if the security is being hacked or cracked, everything will be meaningless. The first tip for wireless security is to change the default username and password that vendor initially gave you, then use WPA for authentication security, because WEP is now very vulnerable.


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