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E-newsletter 1 November 2017

Enjoy Biznet Hotspot, Super Fast Wi-Fi Connection from Biznet

In this digital era, "staying online" is one thing that most people cannot avoid. Internet continues to grow and become a mandatory thing that people must have. Internet has become one of the main resources that support business activities, but also various daily activities. Based on the current trend, a free Wi-Fi service from Biznet called Biznet Hotspot, is now available with faster speed in more spots that spread in more than 100 cities across Java, Bali, Sumatera, and Batam. Biznet Hotspot service now can be enjoyed on more places, including malls, restaurant/cafe, city parks, apartments, hotels, public schools, fitness centers, and other public places/facilities.

Biznet Hotspot presents Wi-Fi connection up to 100 Mbps, which can be enjoyed publicly for free with only 3 steps to connect:

  • Open Settings on your device and choose "@FreeBiznetHotspot" SSID
  • Open browser on your device and click "Start Now"
  • Click "Connect Now" and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi from Biznet Hotspot

For further information about a list of locations covered by Biznet Hotspot, visit www.biznethotspot.com.

Biznet recently received three awards from TOP IT & TELCO 2017 competition that was conducted by Itech Magazine. Biznet successfully won three categories that include TOP IT Implementation on Internet Service Provider 2017, TOP IT on CSR 2017, and TOP IT Leadership 2017. The awarding ceremony was held at Balai Kartini Jakarta on 31 November 2017, and Biznet was represented by Yudie Haryanto VP Marketing of Biznet and also Adindana Dasaad as VP Sales Business of Biznet, who received the awards at the event. These achievements will surely motivate us to continue putting our best efforts to give the best service for all customers, and we would also like to sincerely thank all of our customers for the trust and support for Biznet throughout the years.

NEO Cloud, the Latest World Class Cloud Computing Platform from Biznet Gio Cloud

NEO Cloud is the newest and most advanced cloud computation platform that was built based on OpenStack technology with Multiple Availability Zone dan Multiple Region services. NEO Cloud offers various features, such as Virtual Compute, Flex Storage, Networks, and Domain. NEO Virtual Compute service is completed with memory-optimized mode to fulfill big scale computation industry. For data storage, NEO Cloud has Block Storage service with up to 100,000 IOPS (In/Out Per Second) speed performance. While for Object Storage service, NEO Cloud has compatibility with S3 standard industry from Amazon Web Service.

This service is coming as a solution for application developer whom working on small medium enterprises (UKM) and start up company until corporation to be able to adopt cloud computation service which is safe, trusted, and affordable. To try NEO Cloud service, please open this link: https://portal.neo.id

Biznet Events - November 2017

No Event Venue Tanggal
1 Jakarta Techxhibit The Westin Hotel 2-3 November 2017
2 Boys Market Gandaria City 2-5 November 2017
3 The Hotel Week JCC Senayan 23-25 November 2017
4 Jazz Goes to Campus Universitas Indonesia 26 November 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Batam - Ruko Square 91
  • Batam - Ruko Nagoya Point
  • Salatiga - RSU Satya Wacana Salatiga
  • Semarang - Ruko Jurnatan
  • Semarang - Ruko Pekojan
  • Sidoarjo - Pergudangan Meiko 1
  • Tangerang - Pergudangan Zoodia
  • Jakarta Pusat - Ruko MGK
  • Jakarta Pusat - Ruko Pangeran Jayakarta Center
  • Jakarta Utara - Ruko Gading Bukit Indah

Untuk mengetahui informasi cakupan area Biznet selengkapnya silahkan mengunjungi halaman Biznet Coverage Area.

Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Batam - Perumahan Baloi Impian
  • Batam - Perumahan Citra Indah
  • Batam - Perumahan Griya Mas
  • Batam - Perumahan Puriloka 2
  • Batam - Perumahan Villa Idaman
  • Bekasi - Kelurahan Cipinang Cimpedak
  • Kendal - Perumahan Purin RW.X Kendal
  • Kudus - Kelurahan Panjunan
  • Madiun - Kelurahan Mojorejo
  • Madiun - Perumahan Griya Gading Indah
  • Madiun - Perum Griya Salak
  • Madiun - Perum Taman Salak
  • Madiun - Perum Taman Salak Timur
  • Madiun - Perum Taman Salak Tengah
  • Mojokerto - Kelurahan Miji
  • Mojokerto - Kelurahan Surodinawan
  • Negara - Kelurahan Dauhwaru
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Bobosan
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Karangklesem
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Pabuwaran
  • Purwokerto - Kelurahan Tanjung
  • Purwokerto - Perum Bumi Tanjung Elok
  • Purwokerto - Perum Padma Regency
  • Purwokerto - Perum Pondok Indah
  • Purwokerto - Perum Palem Indah
  • Tabanan - Perumahan Sastraloka
  • Yogyakarta - Kompleks Dirgantara

Untuk mengetahui informasi cakupan area Biznet selengkapnya silahkan mengunjungi halaman Biznet Home Coverage Area.


TIPS: How to Be a Top Seller on Instagram

In the past few years, Instagras has been used not only to document and share photos, but also to sell products and services online, as an online shop. Startups and well established companies are now promoting and selling their products or services via Instagram. However, it's not always easy to become a top seller on. Here are some tips that you can do to become a top seller on Instagram:


Create an Exclusive Instagram Account
If you're a new comer on online business, this activity is highly recommended. Create new instagram account with a unique name and make sure the name is consistent with the products that you sell.


Maximize Hashtag Function
We are surely very familiar with the term #Hashtag. Hashtag was created with its own function, which is to focus or categorizing a specific information such as a theme or topic. With a correct hashtag, we can make our account become more popular, so more people will be attracted to our account and further make an action to become our follower.


Upload Attractive Photos and Videos
This is the most important thing. With attractive photos and videos, consumers will be more interested to buy our products.


Find More Followers
After your instagram account is ready, the next step is adding more followers on a short period of time. To get followers faster, the first step is by looking for another account that also sells the same products as you are, then follow all of its followers. When it's done, lock your account (private account option) so then the accounts that we had followed are curious to know more about our shop and most likely, will follow back your account.


Give Discount
Give promo or special price towards our products, try to make your products cheaper than other online shop accounts. But, you should remember that even though you sell your products in cheap price, it doesn't mean that you can lower down the quality of your products.


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