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E-newsletter 3 March 2017

Biznet Festival Sukabumi 2017

Biznet will hold another Biznet Festival event in March, which was recently being held in Sukabumi last February 2017. This month Biznet Festival will be held in Purwokerto on 25 March 2017 at GOR Satria, Purwokerto. Similar to other cities, Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 will also offer many fun activities and entertainments such as Band Competition, Dance Competition, Booth Festival, Games with exciting prizes, and also special performance from Steven Jam! Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 is free for public and visitors only required to register through www.biznetfestival.com to come to the event, for FREE!

Watch Netflix in better Quality

Biznet has partnered with Netflix to install Cache Engine equipment at Biznet’s network so you can watch all contents at Netflix in better quality and no buffering. Customers can enjoy these advantages by subscribing to Netflix without any changes in the package price. Moreover, this partnership also allows customers to access Netflix using local bandwidth from Indonesia, when previously it was using International bandwidth to Singapore, so it provides easier and faster access.

Biznet GIO Cloud Got Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certification

Biznet GIO Cloud has received Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification, a global data security standard to avoid fraud by improving control for all credit card data. Biznet GIO’s commitment to provide the best service for customers is supported by strategies rolled out by Biznet GIO to continue improving service quality to be delivered to customers, and one of the strategies is by ensuring data security of all customers or companies that provides card processing service including payment gateway, e-commerce, and Internet banking for all customers who develop systems for card holders.

Biznet Metronet Happy Friday Promo Winner Announcement

Congratulations to PT. Information Development Indonesia as the winner of Biznet Metronet Happy Friday promo who won 1 unit of Toyota Avanza. For more information about ongoing promo, please visit our website at www.biznetnetworks.com

Biznet Events - March 2017

No Nama Acara Tempat Tanggal
1 Topotel GMs Meeting Hotel Olympic Renotel Sentul 14 - 15 March 2017
2 Biznet Festival Purwokerto 2017 GOR Satria, Purwokerto 25 March 2017
3 Deep Extreme Expo JCC Senayan 30 March - 2 April 2017

Biznet for Business New Coverage Area

  • Gedung Spazio, Surabaya
  • Ruko Centrum, Jl. Komisaris Bambang Suprapto, Purwokerto
  • Springhill Terrace Residence, Jl. Benyamin Suaeb Blok D7, Jakarta Pusat

For more information about Biznet Coverage Area, please visit Biznet Coverage Area.

Biznet Home New Coverage Area

  • Taman Yasmin Sektor III - Bogor
  • Kelurahan Kelapa Dua - Jakarta Barat
  • Kelurahan Jayaraksa - Sukabumi
  • Kelurahan Baros Kencana - Sukabumi
  • Kelurahan Pasir Kidul - Purwokerto
  • Kelurahan Sukakarya - Sukabumi
  • Kelurahan Lembur Situ - Sukabumi
  • Kelurahan Situ Mekar - Sukabumi
  • Kelurahan Kedungwuluh - Purwokerto
  • Kelurahan Gedangan - Solo
  • Kelurahan Bancarkembar - Purwokerto
  • Kelurahan Rejasari - Purwokerto
  • Ruko Central Kencana - Surabaya
  • Perumahan Taman Galaxy RW 13 & 14 - Bekasi
  • Pondok Pekayon Indah RW 8, 9, 10 - Bekasi

For more information about Biznet Home Coverage Area please visit Biznet Home Coverage Area.


Tips: 3 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Gadget

Having a new gadget is exciting, but it will certainly be costly. It applies if you plan to buy more than one gadgets such as iPod, tablets, or laptops. Well, if you are at an electronic shopping center and planning to buy a new gadget or just planning to have a new technology, here are three things that you might need to consider:


How will you use it?
Improtant things that you need to consider when you choose a computing device is how and where are you going to use it. If you plan to do lots of computing activities, choose desktop PC or a laptop, since they have more memory capacity. If you use it mostly for Internet and several application for basic activities, netbook and tablet can be a better option.


Do you need it?
This is another thing that you need to consider: Do you actually need a new gadget, or you can actually have your old gadget fixed or upgraded in terms of operating system? We tend to choose to keep our old gadget when actually it only needs minor upgrade.


How about the service?
After you own your new gadget, how will you take care of it? How will you pay for any damages? Buying service plans or insurance in advance might be cheaper rather than paying for repair, service or gadget exchange in the future.


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