Digital transformation brings many positive impacts for various aspects in life. With the development of telecommunication equipment and the availability of more sophisticated and adequate Internet network, we are now able to do various activities online. From managing business, shopping, learning, etc.

High quality Internet surely supports the acceleration of digital transformation process as it is today, and also encourages Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to adopt digital technology. Fast and reliable internet connection services are major factors in business success, thus we are committed to support SME businesses to bring new innovations and bring the best services for customers.

Biznet Metronet is a Super Fast Broadband Internet service special for SME business. With service options from 50 to 750 Mbps and using Biznet Fiber network, ensuring your business will always run smoothly.

Service Features

Broadband Internet service from 50 - 750 Mbps

Safe, fast and stable connection

The connection uses RJ-45 cable, can be directly connected to a broadband router, firewall, proxy or an existing LAN switch

Large bandwidth capacity for local and international access

Free Biznet Wifi service

Free Biznet Video streaming

Options of Biznet Metronet service packages with The New Biznet Fiber Network exclusively for Java, Bali and Batam Islands

Service Broadband Internet IP Address Monthly Fee (Rp) #

Metronet 1A

50 Mbps

Dynamic Private


Metronet 2A

90 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Metronet 3A

150 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Metronet 4A

375 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Metronet 5A

750 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Options of Biznet Metronet service packages with The New Biznet Fiber Network exclusively for Sumatra & Kalimantan

Service Broadband Internet IP Address Monthly Fee (Rp) #

Metronet 1AS

50 Mbps

Dynamic Private


Metronet 2AS

90 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Metronet 3AS

150 Mbps

Dynamic Public


Options of Biznet Metronet service packages with The New Biznet Fiber Network exclusively for Sulawesi

Service Broadband Internet IP Address Monthly Fee (Rp) #

Metronet 1AW

30 Mbps

1 (Dynamic Private)


Metronet 2AW

50 Mbps

1 (Dynamic Public)


Metronet 3AW

75 Mbps

1 (Dynamic Public)


All costs above do not include 10% VAT

For your consideration

  • For Metronet 1A, Metronet 1AS and Metronet 1AW are not available for installation in high rise buildings
  • All service prices are prepaid service
  • All service prices stated above does not include installation fee and hardware fee
  • Biznet Metronet service (A) is only available on The New Biznet Fiber network

  • Payment Method

    • Customer is required to pay first month package fee, installation fee, and hardware fee according to applicable service price
    • Biznet Metronet 4 and 5 Customers don't have to pay for installation fee
    • All prepaid service payments are recommended to use electronic payments, for further information please click here


    • To check information about Biznet Fiber coverage area, please click here
    • Installation time around 3 - 7 working days after survey
    • Should there be any additional fee from the 3rd party at customer location, the additional fees will be part of customer's responsibility

    Biznet Metronet 12+4 and 6+1 Promo

    To answer the increasing business demand of a reliable Internet service, Biznet Metronet, a super fast Internet service targeted for Small Medium Business (SMB) and startups, offers Biznet Metronet Buy 12+4 and Buy 6+1 Promo. This promo is valid for all customers located in areas covered by The New Biznet Fiber, with following terms and conditions:

    • Customer will get a total of 16 months subscription for 12 months purchase.
    • This promo is valid for Biznet Metronet new customers who live in The New Biznet Fiber area.
    • This promo is valid for all Biznet Metronet service packages.
    • Biznet Metronet customers will be charged an installation fee of Rp 1,250,000.
    • This service has a grace period of 45 (fourty five) days starting from the expiry date. If customer unable to pay monthly fee after the grace period is over, the service is considered as terminated by the customer.

    For further information, please contact Biznet Customer Care at 1500988 or email to

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