• Coverage : 106 cities, 1,708 subdistricts, 1,445 buildings, 476,895 homepass

Biznet Fiber

Biznet Fiber network provides connectivity within a city, inter-city and inter-island in Indonesia. All of the networks are connected with high capacity Fiber Optic cable that can transmit data, voice and video.

Biznet Fiber Jawa Bali

Java and Bali

As the main islands for central government, trade and tourism in Indonesia, Biznet provides the most reliable network in all cities in Java and Bali islands.

Biznet Fiber Jawa Bangka Batam Singapore


With strong commitment to expand coverage area, Biznet installed Fiber Optic network in Sumatra, Batam and Bangka Islands to support several cities such as Jambi, Padang, Palembang and Batam.

Network Features

Wide Coverage Area

Wide Coverage Area

Biznet Fiber consists of thousands KM Fiber Optic route in more than 110 cities in Indonesia and keep expanding

Direct Connection

Direct Connection

Biznet Fiber has connected with more than 1,000 buildings and 300,000 home passes



Biznet Fiber has high reliablity SLA of 99.8%

City Coverage


Description Number of Cities
Connected cities 106
Connected soon 14
Total 120

Biznet Fiber network is available in these cities:

# Province City Availability
1 Bali Amlapura (Karangasem) Now
2 Bali Badung (Kuta) Now
3 Bali Bangli Now
5 Bali Gerokgak Dec 2018
6 Bali Gianyar Now
7 Bali Gilimanuk Dec 2018
8 Bali Jimbaran Now
9 Bali Negara Now
10 Bali Semarapura (Klungkung) Now
11 Bali Singaraja Dec 2018
12 Bali Tabanan Now
13 Bali Ubud Now
14 Banten SERANG Now
15 Banten Tangerang Now
16 Banten Tangerang Selatan Now
17 D.I. Yogyakarta Sleman Now
18 D.I. Yogyakarta YOGYAKARTA Now
19 DKI Jakarta JAKARTA Now
20 Jambi JAMBI Now
21 Jawa Barat BANDUNG Now
22 Jawa Barat Banjar Oct 2018
23 Jawa Barat Banjarsari Oct 2018
24 Jawa Barat Bekasi Now
25 Jawa Barat Bogor Now
26 Jawa Barat Ciamis Oct 2018
27 Jawa Barat Cianjur Now
28 Jawa Barat Cibadak Now
29 Jawa Barat Cicurug Now
30 Jawa Barat Cikampek Now
31 Jawa Barat Cimahi Now
32 Jawa Barat Cirebon Now
33 Jawa Barat Depok Now
34 Jawa Barat Garut Oct 2018
35 Jawa Barat Indramayu Now
36 Jawa Barat Karangampel Now
37 Jawa Barat Karawang Now
38 Jawa Barat Padalarang Now
39 Jawa Barat Pamanukan Now
40 Jawa Barat Pangandaran Oct 2018
41 Jawa Barat Purwakarta Now
42 Jawa Barat Sukabumi Now
43 Jawa Barat Tasikmalaya Oct 2018
44 Jawa Tengah Ajibarang Now
45 Jawa Tengah Batang Now
46 Jawa Tengah Blora Now
47 Jawa Tengah Boyolali Now
48 Jawa Tengah Brebes Now
49 Jawa Tengah Bumiayu Now
50 Jawa Tengah Cepu Now
51 Jawa Tengah Cilacap Oct 2018
52 Jawa Tengah Comal Now
53 Jawa Tengah Demak Now
54 Jawa Tengah Jepara 2019
55 Jawa Tengah Kartasura Now
56 Jawa Tengah Kebumen Now
57 Jawa Tengah Kendal Now
58 Jawa Tengah Klaten Now
59 Jawa Tengah Kudus Now
60 Jawa Tengah Pati Now
61 Jawa Tengah Pekalongan Now
62 Jawa Tengah Pemalang Now
63 Jawa Tengah Purwodadi Now
64 Jawa Tengah Purwokerto Now
65 Jawa Tengah Purworejo Now
66 Jawa Tengah Salatiga Now
67 Jawa Tengah SEMARANG Now
68 Jawa Tengah Slawi Now
69 Jawa Tengah Solo Now
70 Jawa Tengah Sragen Now
71 Jawa Tengah Tayu 2019
72 Jawa Tengah Tegal Now
73 Jawa Tengah Ungaran Now
74 Jawa Tengah Weleri Now
75 Jawa Timur Babat Now
76 Jawa Timur Bangil Now
77 Jawa Timur Banyuputih Now
78 Jawa Timur Banyuwangi Now
79 Jawa Timur Besuki Now
80 Jawa Timur Blitar Now
81 Jawa Timur Bojonegoro Now
82 Jawa Timur Bondowoso Now
83 Jawa Timur Gempol Now
84 Jawa Timur Genteng Now
85 Jawa Timur Glenmore Now
86 Jawa Timur Gresik Now
87 Jawa Timur Jajag Now
88 Jawa Timur Jember Now
89 Jawa Timur Jombang Now
90 Jawa Timur Kediri Now
91 Jawa Timur Kepanjen Now
92 Jawa Timur Kertosono Now
93 Jawa Timur Ketapang Now
94 Jawa Timur Kraksan Now
95 Jawa Timur Krian Now
96 Jawa Timur Lamongan Now
97 Jawa Timur Lawang Now
98 Jawa Timur Lumajang Now
99 Jawa Timur Madiun Now
100 Jawa Timur Malang Now
101 Jawa Timur Mojokerto Now
102 Jawa Timur Muncar Now
103 Jawa Timur Nganjuk Now
104 Jawa Timur Ngawi Now
105 Jawa Timur Ngopak Now
106 Jawa Timur Paiton Now
107 Jawa Timur Pasirian Now
108 Jawa Timur Pasuruan Now
109 Jawa Timur Probolinggo Now
110 Jawa Timur Rogojampi Now
111 Jawa Timur Sidoarjo Now
112 Jawa Timur Situbondo Now
113 Jawa Timur SURABAYA Now
114 Jawa Timur Tanggul Now
115 Jawa Timur Tulungagung Now
116 Jawa Timur Turen Now
117 Jawa Timur Wlingi Now
118 Kep. Riau Batam Now
119 Sumatera Barat PADANG Now
120 Sumatera Selatan PALEMBANG Now