Biznet Festival, High Quality Music Performance from Biznet

Biznet Festival presents several activities including Dance Competition, Band Competition, Skateboard Competition, communities activities, and the main event; music performance from well-known musicians who perform their best to entertain all visitors.

Biznet Festival was first conducted in 2016 and as per today Biznet Festival has visited Kediri, Tegal, Sukabumi, Purwokerto, Batam, Bojonegoro, Cirebon and also Denpasar, Bali. Well-known musicians have also collaborated with Biznet and performed their best acts including Kotak, the band who performed at Biznet Festival Sukabumi back in 2017. As one of Indonesia's best bands that started their music career from Dream Band Competition back in 2004, Kotak has released many hit singles including Pelan-pelan Saja, Beraksi and Kecuali Kamu.

Biznet Festival Bojonegoro 2018 was collaborating with GAC Trio, one of the leading vocal groups in Indonesia who made their debut in YouTube with their video that became viral in social media, Gamaliel Audrey Cantika (GAC) that you might familiar with their hit songs like Bahagia, Cinta and Seberapa Pantas.

Biznet Festival Bali 2017 could be considered as the most successful Biznet Festival event held by Biznet, featuring a performance from Sheila On 7, which successfully invited visitors to get excited and sing along with the band as they sing their hit songs. Visitors of Biznet Festival Bali 2017 also enjoyed electronic dance music performance from one of the best Indonesian DJs, Dipha Barus. Moreover, Biznet Festival Bali also presented amazing and special performance from DJ Soda, a famous DJ from Korea who was known for her hit singles including "22 Cities" and "Star Sweet."

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